May 28, 2022

We were told to hate the new MCE – Axim Chief Imam reveals

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The Chief Imam of the Axim Central Mosque in the Nzema East Municipal Assembly of the Western region, Abubakar Malik has revealed that some NPP constituency executives including former government officials told them to hate the current Municipal Chief Executive, Madam Dorcas Elizabeth Amoah, because she has a strong hatred for muslims. 

This according to him, made them to developed hatred for the woman because of the misleading information purported against her.

The Chief Imam, Abubakar Malik made the revelation when the MCE paid a visit to the Muslims at the Bankyim Central Mosque at Axim to donate some assorted food items to them in support of their Ramadan fast.


The Chief Imam, who declined to disclosed the identity of the perpetrators explained that, he and one other guy who was not a Muslim coincidentally met at the MCE’s office to visit her to ascertain and confirm whether the MCE indeed hate Muslims and also rude to people who have been visiting her at the office.

Mr. Abubakar Malik indicated that, when they arrived at the MCE’s office, the secretary told them that the MCE was in a meeting and asked them to wait whiles she informs her. According to him, they waited for some time and at a point became tired and were having different thoughts in their mind, believing the stories they were earlier told about the woman.

Nzema East MCE, Dorcas Elizabeth, interacting with the Chief Imam, Abubakar Malik
Nzema East MCE, Dorcas Elizabeth, interacting with the Chief Imam, Abubakar Malik

He further stressed that, the MCE after some few minutes came to sit in between them and asked them to help her stand up from the seat they were sitting.


“I became shocked when I heard the MCE whom we were told that she was rude, unfriendly, someone who has hatred for Muslims would come and sit in between the two of us and tell us to support her to stand up,” he stressed.

The Chief Imam noted that, the MCE took them to her office and told them she has to go back to the meeting with the reason that, he cannot keep them waiting after been informed that they were waiting for her.

This and other interactions we had with the MCE at her office told a different story from what we heard about her.

“We asked ourselves a question that why would some people planned to

destroy this woman who is kindhearted, friendly and loving,” he said.

“So I came back to my people and told them exactly what had happened and also diffused their minds against the woman because she is an innocent person who does not need to be maligned.”

Mr. Abubakar Malik encouraged the MCE to remain focused and not to allow her detractors to discourage her.

The Zongo Youth Chief of Axim, Alhaji Seidu, who confirmed the what the Imam said, advised the MCE to stay focused and continue with her good works to prove to the entire people that she is a different person and not what people are saying about her.


He said, they will let the people of Axim and its environs know that she is a good person and they should all come together and support her and the government for development.

Madam Dorcas Elizabeth Amoah, the MCE of Nzema East in response thanked the people for opening up to her and pledged to remain focus no matter how her detractors will work against her.


She indicated that, all she seeks to achieve is the development of Nzema East and would never hesitate to dialogue with the people to achieve her goal.

She said, her doors are widely open for any discussion relating to the development of the assembly and the individual lives.

To this end, Madam Dorcas Elizabeth Amoah, reemphasized the government commitment to ensure the municipality gets good roads, portable drinking water, and other infrastructure for Nzema East development.



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