May 28, 2022

Stop engaging yourselves in gossip, backbiting and other negative practices – Commodore Walker tells Muslims

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The Flag Officer Commanding the Western Naval Command, Commodore Samauel Walker, has admonished Ghanaians especially Muslim communities against gossips, backbiting, quarrelling and other negative practices perpetrated against one another.


He stressed that it will be a demonstration of good character if each person show good attitude towards each other especially in the month of Ramadan where every Muslim is participating in the fast.


Commodore Samuel Walker made the remarks at an event to climax the 2022 Quran commentary at Sekondi Naval Base Mosque.


Quranic Commentary has always been at the center of Islamic intellectual history, the prism through which the Quran has been mediated to believers. In the traditional Islamic world, the Quran was and is understood through the language of tafsir, and much of what muslims believe the Quran is stating is actually what tafsir says it is. Thus the significance of tafsir in the religious history of Islamic is paramount.


The Western Regional Minister, advised the Muslims to assume the responsibility of protecting the integrity of the mosque and the Ghana Navy in order to contribute towards the socio-educational development of the various security institutions.


“I do not believe that we wish to see a fragmented Navy or Ghana Armed Forces in terms of vision, strategic beliefs and understanding. But we have to discover or uncover our areas of consensus and agreement for the development and progress of the Ghana Armed Forces.


The Western Regional Minister, Kwabena Okyere Darko-Mensah, addressing the gathering urged the Muslim communities and the entire religious bodies to become united and work together to promote the peace of the country.


He said that there is no difference between Muslims and Christians, adding that the only difference he sees is the behaviour of individuals belonging to these religious bodies.


He therefore entreated the religious bodies become tolerance to enable them attend a programme interchangeably.


Mr. Okyere Darko-Mensah indicated that the focus of these religious is to serve God and God is himself is peaceful, so he does not see why there are conflicts among some religious bodies.



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