Social Welfare declines shelter to homeless hearing-impaired person

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The Effia-Kwesiminstim Municipal Social Welfare Department in the Western Region has allegedly declined to provide a shelter to a hearing-impaired person who was rescued after he was knocked-down by a car.

Narrating the incident, Maame Efua, who came to the rescue of the victim said, he saw the victim on the street helplessly after he had been knocked-down by a car.

According to her, when she saw the victim lying on the street, she run to his rescue and stopped cars to take him to hospital but the drivers declined to take him to the hospital because blood were all over him.

So, she managed to get a tricycle and took him to the hospital for treatment. He was treated and I paid all his bills.

It was then I realized that he was hearing-impaired and he had nowhere to go, so I begun the processes to get him a shelter by going to the social welfare after he had been discharged from the hospital.

“The officers from the social welfare refused to provide a shelter to the victim after I had contacted them.”

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She confirmed the story and also told that the victim issue is a little bit complicated because he is mentally challenged which has to be first attended to before they can consider providing him with the shelter.

She was asked, what happens to the victim if the woman who came his rescue decided to abandon him.

She replied that they will contact the woman to arrange for the victim to be taken to psychiatric treatment and when he is discharged, they will continue from there.


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