May 28, 2022

Sachet Water producers in Western region operate without permit – Water Resources Commision

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Francis Acquah-Swanzy, the Ankobra Basin Officer of the Water Resources Commission (WRC), in the western region has revealed that sachet water producers in the region operate without permit from the commission.

Ankobra Basin Officer of Water Resources Commission, Francis Acquah-Swanzy
Ankobra Basin Officer of Water Resources Commission, Francis Acquah-Swanzy

This, according to him, has become a great concern to the commission as the sachet water producers continue to operate without water use permit.

He said, “though there are laws governing the groundwater development and it’s regulations, operators have not complied to the regulations to acquire permit for their work.”

Mr. Acquah-Swanzy emphasised that most of the groundwater users do not have license or geologist to guide them in their operations.

He warned that, the commission is giving them the opportunity to regularise their activities with them to enable them to do the right thing for a better work.

The Water Resources Commission, according to the law have been mandated to ensure the Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) plans to guide the utilization, consumption, development and improvement of water resources.

The commission is also mandated to initiate, control and coordinate activities connected with the development and utilisation of water resources, groundwater rights; collect, collate, store and disseminate data or information on water resources and engage water sector agencies to undertake scientific investigations, experiments or research into water resources.

Water Resources Commission (WRC) was established by an Act of Parliament in 1996 as the overall body responsible for water resources management in Ghana.

The Act provides a comprehensive law to establish a separate water resources management institution in Ghana.

Water resources are vested in the President for and on behalf of the people of Ghana and as such there is no private ownership of water resources in the country.

The Act also prohibits the use of water resources without prior authorization and grant of water use rights from the commission.

The commission monitors and evaluate programmes for the operation and maintenance of water resources, advise the government on any matter likely to have adverse effect on the water resources.

The Commission is also to advise pollution control agencies in Ghana on matters concerning the management and control of pollution of water resources and perform such other functions as are incidental to the foregoing.

Mr. Acquah-Swanzy, explained the need to acquire water use permit, adding that, any individual or group of companies who want to use groundwater for either household or commercial purposes must acquire water use permit from the commission before operations.

He noted that the commission in collaboration with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has been organising a training programme for sachet water producers and drilling companies on the importance to regulate the operations, stating that the users do not have any excuses over their inability to license their operations.

To this end, Mr. Acquah-swanzy warned the sachet water producers to do the right thing and acquire the water use permit to avoid prosecutions.

“Law is law, you must obey the law and we need data to manage these resources, so you have to do the right thing else the law will not spare you when you flout it. “


Source: Dadzie

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