May 25, 2022

Retract response to Aflao Chief – Expert tells Akufo Addo

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A Political Analyst and Governance Expert, Dr. Osei Bonsu Owusu, says the President’s response to the Aflao Chief was not the best.

The Aflao E-block was part of some 200 classroom blocks the erstwhile Mahama administration started was supposed to have some 26 classrooms attached and 5 departments including a science block.

The Chief of Aflao, Torgbui Adzongaga Amenya Fiti V, is reported to have given an ultimatum to the Minister of Education to complete a government project, the Afloa E-block School.

“After senior high school education, the next degree that my people have to do is to go to border and go and do kayayo, no school. The only school that we have is the RC Senior High School that belongs to the Catholic Mission Minor Seminary. So this thick population have no place to go and people sit down in that big hall called parliament and not thinking about Aflao, a place after the Tema Harbour , the next revenue generation  is from the Aflao border.I had to push the former President Mahama for the structure to be constructed over there. I had to be running from here to Accra begging.  Should we beg for education?” Torgbui Adzongaga Amenya Fiti V said.

Responding to the the Chief on Accra based Peace FM, the President of the Republic of Ghana, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to go ahead and complete the Afloa E-block in his community if he is frustrated about the delay the project has suffered.

“Is he [Aflao Chief] the one to give the minister ultimatum then he should go ahead and complete the project,” Akufo Addo said in a response.

Dr. Osei Bonsu Owusu in an interview, noted that the response is unfit for the Presidency and that it would be appropriate if he finds a platform to apologize to the chief.

According to Dr. Osei Bonsu Owusu, the Aflao Chief is not the first to have given an ultimatum to a President although that is not the best method.

“The Aflao Chief is not the first to have given an ultimatum to a President although that is not the correct method. My fear is that this will generate tribal sentiments among the people. The President is still on tour and so just as he apologized to the people of Cape Coast, he can also apologize to the Aflao Chief if an opportunity presents itself,” he added.

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