May 23, 2022

Radio Gold, XYZ, others back to air

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The new Governing Board of the National Communications Authority (NCA), has approved new radio license applications by Radio Gold, Radio XYZ and over 100 others.

The board which is chaired by Isaac Emmil Osei-Bonsu, approved the applications at its meeting held on Monday, October 11, 2021.

It is not clear if the stations will still maintain their previous frequencies or be given new one.

The Akufo-Addo administration from 2017 began enforcing the rules and regulations of the NCA which resulted in many radio stations which had fallen foul of the rules and regulations by not paying operating license fees being shut down.

Two pro-opposition radio stations – Radio Gold and Radio XYZ, were closed following that exercise.

But the largest opposition party, the National Democratic Congress, (NDC) obviously not happy with that decision saw the move as discriminatory and accused the government of trying to silence critics.

However, the government insisted that the NCA was only applying the rules and regulations in line with Regulations 65(1) of the Electronic Communications Regulations, 2011, L. I. 1991, which states that “a person shall not use a radio frequency without authorization from the Authority”.

Click to read the press release from NCA: Press-Release-NCA-Approves-Authorisation-for-FM-Stations-closed-down-October-2021-Final

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