May 25, 2022

Over 15 million Ghanaians registered for Ghana Card – NIA

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The National Identification Authority, (NIA) has disclosed that over 15 million Ghanaians have registered for Ghana Card. This represent 84.3% of the population aged 15 and above.

The Executive Secretary of the Authority, Prof. Ken Attefuah, insists that out of the 15 million cards majority have been printed and issued to Ghanaians.

Conversations about the Ghana Card have come to the fore following the commencement of the re-registration of SIM cards this month.

The National Communications Authority, NCA, has maintained that only the Ghana Card will be used as proof of identity for registration.

This has generated some widespread displeasure with many Ghanaians questioning why the recently registered Voters’ ID cards and Ghanaian passport can’t be used.

Others have also complained about the inability of the NIA to distribute their Ghana Cards to them since they registered for them.

However, Prof. Attafuah in an interview said persons who are yet to get their cards will have them.

“At the end of the day, we have actually registered 84.3% of the population aged 15 and above. So in that sense, we have exceeded the target that was set by the governing board of NIA. It is also the case that of those 15 and above, there are still some who did not register but those who registered and do not have their card will have them soon.”

Meanwhile, amidst complaints and questions over why passports are not being allowed for identification in the SIM re-registration exercise, Professor Attafuah has said passports lack the credibility of Ghana Cards.

“A passport is a primary document for establishing your citizenship and eligibility to travel across borders but even so, you see visa requirements. There is a limit,” he said.

Prof. Attafuah also noted that the Ghana Card registration process provided evidence of why passports could not fully be trusted.

“During the mass registration, there were people who went to registration centres with Ghana passports but were denied the right to register, because, upon interrogation, it was found that they were not Ghanaians.”

“It can be found to be procured through improper means and you cannot rely on it,” the NIA boss added.

According to the provisional results of the 2020 Population and housing census, Ghana’s population currently stands at 30.8 million.








Source: Ghananest

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