May 25, 2022

NHIS adds to treatment list and improves on coverage, CEO

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Dr Lydia Dsane-Selby, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of National Health Insurance Authority (NHIA), has hinted that the Scheme has added a new medicine for the treatment of breast cancer hitherto was expensive for patients who were members of the Scheme to afford on their own, making Ghana the only country that pays for such medicine in Sub-Saharan Africa.

She further announced that the Scheme has added the treatment of four (4) commonest childhood cancers and family planning to the list of treatments covered under it.

However, she mentioned her major challenge as co-payment which is illegal because the Scheme does not have such an arrangement and was therefore leaving no stone unturned in bringing perpetrators to book while retrieving money of affected customers.

Dr Dsane-Selby who gave the hint in an interview with Ghananest during the launch of this year’s NHIS Week Celebration in Takoradi also warned staff who took money from clients to desist from the act since anyone found culpable would be dealt with severely.

She touted the achievements of her administration and said since the introduction of the mobile renewal about 80% of customers have been renewing their membership on their own.

She said, currently, the Scheme has covered 52% of its target but aiming at getting 80% to enable Ghana to achieve the Universal Health Coverage (UHC) and called on all stakeholders to support the efforts since the NHIA system was strong enough to handle the numbers.

Dr Dsane-Selby emphasized that this year’s celebration focuses on linking the NHIA Card to the Ghana Card to ensure that there were proper preventive services and screening hence, the need for every Ghanaian to be rolled onto the Scheme for proper planning services.

She indicated that anyone who registered his or her NHIA card within the week irrespective of how long that person had been away would get instant access to health insurance and urged Ghanaians to use the Week as an opportunity to re-register their cards via their mobile phones as it was easy and simple to do.

She further commended the staff of the Authority for their resolve in ensuring that every Ghanaian enrolled on the Scheme making them “the most loyal professional organisation in Ghana now” and promised to improve on their working conditions.

Mr Emmanuel Reinfred Okyere, Western Regional Director of NHIA said it has rolled out home-based innovations such as NHIS and Ghana Cards linkage, Mobile Renewal Service, Digital Counter to give real-time updates of active membership.

He said a waiver has been put on the one month waiting before cards could be active for use and called on the public to go and renew and register for new cards.

“We will be in the communities within the various districts to register people from Monday to Sunday, while some designated churches would be hosting the registration team for the mass registration exercise. And on Friday, our Moslem brothers at the mosques will have their turn”, he indicated.

Mr Okyere expressed the hope that the celebration would hype awareness creation, Enrollment of new members, Membership renewals, Monitoring and Support Visits.

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