May 23, 2022


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The Nation Builders Corps (NABCO) national secretariat today gave permission and authorization to Ghana Interbank Payments System (GHIPSS) secretariat to effect payment of March stipends of NABCO personnel today.

Though the payment has delayed, it was due to internal monitoring and scrutinization of the system to ensure accountability to the authority and also to flash out all ineligible people who are not on the NABCO program but their names were still in the system.

Some have exited and gotten permanent job, whiles others too are not going to work but are collecting monthly stipends and third category is those who didn’t fill the online career transition portal that is going aid in the transition to permanent employment.

So the secretariat had to rectify all these anormalies so as to make the system as free as possible.

We these rectifications we hope there will be no delays again in the subsequent payments.

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