May 28, 2022

Koforidua Asokore: Hearing impaired woman paralyzed after allegedly being raped in Eastern region

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A 34-year old hearing impaired woman whose name was given as Ama has been paralyzed after allegedly being raped.

The victim, who was born hearing impaired is the first born of four siblings raised by their single mother at Koforidua Asokore in the Eastern region.

Their father divorced the mother 20 years ago and abandoned the children. The last born died 4 years ago after short illness when he was at the age of 24.

Ama, a hearing impaired, and a virgin was allegedly rapped multiple times in their single room while the mother was selling at the shop near the house last year in June 2021.

The dastardly ordeal allegedly affected her spinal cord hence paralyzed.

According to the mother, Christiana she noticed blood stains on bed of the victim but thought she was menstruating but later noticed the daughter was wobbling and struggling to walk which was unusual.

Weeks later her condition worsened and she begun growing lean.

Subsequently, it was alleged that a man identified as Isaac alleged to be a teacher and a drug addict who is a household neighbor has been sneaking into the room to sexually assault the hearing impaired victim confirming the suspicion of the mother Christiana who says she met the suspect twice in her room under strange circumstance.

As the condition worsened on June 22, 2021, the mother of the victim decided to report the rape incident to the Koforidua-Effiduase police station but was directed by the Police to the Domestic Violence and Victims Support Unit (DOVSSU) of the Ghana Police Service at the Eastern Regional Police Headquarters.

Investigators from DOVVSU visited the house but concluded that the complainant did not have sufficient evidence to implicate the suspect to warrant his arrest and prosecution.

She was therefore asked to write a letter to withdraw the case from the police station which she begrudgingly obliged.

“I noticed last year in June that something was wrong with my daughter She was struggling to walk .But my daughter is deaf she is unable to speak.

“I noticed later that she has been raped. Before then I saw blood on her bed but I thought she was menstruating. When I went to report at the police station they told me so far as I did not see the suspect in the act there is no evidence to implicate him. I was surprised because my daughter cannot speak beside I have seen the suspect strangely in my room. Ama was strong, she walked normal, she used to sweep, dispose of the rubbish”.

A visit to DOVVSU for reaction was not successful as the Commanding officer was said to have traveled but the station officer confirmed a complaint of such nature was made but refused to provide details.

The single mother narrated further that she sent the victim to the Eastern Regional hospital for medical examination but was asked to take the victim to a bigger facility.

The victim was taken to Focus Hospital, a private health facility in Accra on November 11,20221 where Doctors diagnosed her of cord compression and myeloradiculopathy.

However, the hospital was charging Ghc90,314 as cost of surgery but the mother could not afford hence brought the victim home.

She later took the victim to Korle Bu Teaching Hospital where after series of medical examination and laboratory tests charged Ghc34,267.60 as cost of the intended surgery.

The single mother could not afford the bill hence brought the daughter home despite deteriorating condition.

She has been roaming for assistance from benevolent individuals and organizations including the New Juaben North Department of social welfare to mobilize funds for the surgery but has not been successful.

Currently, the condition of the victim continues to worsen from bad to worse resulting in chronic constipation and urinal retention.

Christiana, mother of the victim in an interview, said that, she wears gloves to scoop out the faeces from the anus of the victim almost every day.

She baths the victim in a rubber bowl in the bedroom because she is unable to walk.

Christiana is appealing to philanthropists to assist her raise funds to support the surgery of the daughter.

“Now Korle Bu is charging GHC35,000 before they do the surgery. After the surgery we will buy blood, medicine and other expenses so we estimate everything to be round Ghc50,000. I am pleading to philanthropists to help me save the life of my daughter”.

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