Tarkwa: Gold Fields Ghana advises Ghanaians against the effects of climate change

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Gold Fields Ghana has admonished Ghanaians, especially communities in its catchment areas to take climate change issues seriously.

This approach, it argued, would reduce its effects on human lives.

The Environmental Manager of Tarkwa Mine, Mr. Christian Debrah, who made the remarks during a press soiree at the mine site at Tarkwa, said, the company is aware of the severity of climate-related risks, as well as the societal expectations from the company to help reduce carbon emissions.

According to Mr. Debrah, Gold Fields Ghana is leading the forefront of climate change in its catchment areas to contribute to address its effects.

He added that the company understands the value of the opportunities available in a low-carbon future. And stressed that, the erratic rainfall patterns, temperature rise, excess heat, flooding, and ice melting among others we are experiencing are as a result of climate change.

He advocated for everybody to work to bring back natural resources to ensure reduction in carbon emissions, reduction in chlorofluorocarbons, plant more trees around the water bodies to help have the carbon absorb and improve the environment.

“If care is not taken and we don’t use fuel efficiently as well as energy consuming appliances to conserve natural resources in future, the environment will be such that there will be nothing to live on,” he said.

So, as a people, we have to contribute to reduce the effect of global warming to reduce the carbon emissions.

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Mr. Debrah, further indicated that, Gold Fields Ghana have been periodically planting on their degraded lands and supplying tree seedlings to the people in their operational communities to encourage them cultivate the interest in planting trees to support the fight against climate change.

The company, according to him, uses energy efficient equipment which uses fewer diesels, and conserves energy. It aims to switch from the use of thermal energy to the use of gas.

He revealed that Gold Fields Ghana is now testing to ascertain how the use of liquefied petroleum would become more efficient to enable it switch into it in all its operations.

“We are going into the trial of where we are going to use liquefied petroleum gas to see if we can run our dump trucks on gas. All these are initiatives to reduce our diesel consumption, reduce the emissions in the atmosphere and also to improve the conserving of the natural resources.

He noted that, the company, as part of its corporate strategies, has resolved to reduce the carbon that is to have a net zero carbon by the year 2050.



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