Ghanaians begin complaining as fuel prices rises again

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Ghanaians have reacted bitterly to recent fuel price increase at the pumps, describing the government as inconsiderate

Some Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) have increased the price of petrol by 5 percent and now selling at 11.55 pesewas per litre, whiles others are yet to adjust their pumps upwards.

Diesel is now being sold at 14.50 pesewas per litre.

Due to the current situation some Ghanaians have started changing their lifestyles to counter the rises in fuel prices.

The drivers of ride-hailing apps have also said they are facing unique challenges because of their fares.

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Ghanaians believe the government should act to ease the pressure on them.

“The government must address the situation. They must reduce the prices of fuel so that we can also work and make good sales,” a driver in an interview said.


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