‘Fetish priest’ arrested for vandalizing and nearly burning house at dawn in Kumasi

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It was a run for one’s life situation at Ohwim-Amanfrom a suburb of Kumasi after a man believed to be a fetish priest known in the Akan dialect as ‘OKomfo’ destroyed and almost burnt down a whole house after some strange spiritual powers entered him.

The incident which happened on Saturday dawn left tenants in fear and shock as they fled the house.

Eyewitnesses say the 27-year-old man popularly known as Papa who came to the house through a friend was seen wandering from one side to the other whilst exhibiting some mysterious actions and strength.

They continue that the man suddenly hit parts of the building multiple times causing it to vibrate with a corresponding loud sound echoing throughout the entire house amidst an animal-like cry.

According to them in an attempt to destroy anything that appears in his way he took and opened a gas cylinder but fortunately there was no fire close by at the time after the gas had leaked and spread wide.

Some say they were watching on helplessly as he ruined several properties including cooking utensils, buckets, louvers, suitcases, TV sets among others worth GHS1,500.00.

Ibrahim Khadija the landlady says the incident left them devastated as many of their properties were destroyed.

She noted, “the incident has brought fear upon my children and me as well as our tenants. This Komfo has destroyed many of our properties including my children’s suitcases, louvers, my tenants’ belongings among other things amounting to GHS1500.00. As I speak with you now, I’m still very sad, but I’m just still thanking God that no one got injured and the house too was not burnt.”

She explains that if not for the intervention of the police the destruction would have been huge.

Meanwhile, the man is in the custody of the Asuofia police station pending investigations.


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