January 26, 2022

EC to open nominations for Presidential, Parliamentary elections in October

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The Electoral Commission(EC) will open nominations for both Presidential and Parliamentary elections between the first and second week of October, Ghananest.com has confirmed

According to the Director of Elections, Dr Serebour Quaicoe, the EC by law is to open nominations not less than 30 days or not more than 90 days to elections.

“So, we want to have 50 days to the elections to do the nominations. And the reason is that, once you have over a month to do it, you have to provide notice of poll and also provide the ballot papers. So, once we are able to do the nominations, first and second week of October, then we have time to print the ballot papers and notice of poll”, he disclosed on News File on Joy FM monitored by Ghananest.com

Subsequently, he said, “by our programme, we intend giving the final register to the political parties by the 6th of November, 2020”.

“In addition to that, we need to compile the list of special voting for those who qualified, because by the nature of their work on the Election Day they cannot go to the polling stations to cast their vote. That will be done probably the first day of September or around that”, Dr Quaicoe emphasized.

He outlined further that “people will be given opportunity to apply for special voting. Also, people will apply for transfer of votes, especially the students…the final year students…a lot of them are 18 years and above and so will be given the opportunity to register and transfer of votes. That means the CI94 will be amended. We have already made proposal and is before parliament.”

“People will also like to apply for proxy and that will be done 50 days to the elections”, he added.

“All these will be done before we have the final voters for the various polling stations to be used”, he concluded.


Source: Ghananest.com

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