January 25, 2022

Coffin makers complain over ‘disappointing’ sales

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The Association of coffin makers in Ghana wants government to ban the importation of coffins into the country, after its worst sales performance in years.

Elsewhere as coffin-makers contend with the unexpected increase in demand for coffins, local manufacturers are frustrated with a slowdown in business.

Sales dipped throughout the year as a result of low patronage of local production of coffin, the Association Secretary, Effah Poku said in an interview.

“We want the government to impose heavy import duty on coffins from China and the rest. They’re flooding our market with made-in-China coffins and it is destroying our market. We could make about 5-10 sales within a month, but the trend has changed. Now it is even difficult to sell three coffins within a month,” he stressed.

He added: “We’re not praying for the death of people to enable us to make more money that is the last prayer we would ever say. But our hope is that at least the dead bodies in hospital morgues, they should come and buy the coffin to take care of that.”

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