May 19, 2022

Air Force Methodist-Presbyterian Church Holds Golden Jubilee

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The Air Force Methodist-Presbyterian Church in Takoradi has held its 50th Anniversary Thanksgiving Service to thank God for His steadfast love and kindness upon members and to evaluate shared progress as well as redefine aspirations to reflect prevailing conditions.

The occasion was graced by members from the rank and file of the 2Garrison such as FOC, WNC and Garrison Commander, Commodore Samuel Walker; Air Commodore Agyen Frimpong, Base Commander – Air Force Base, Takoradi; Air Commodore K. K. Pumpuni (Rtd), Lt Col Robert Kwegyir Sagoe (CO UNMISS Ghanbatt 8), Rt Rev Col John K. Otoo and AVM Frank Hanson, Chief of Air Staff.

The 50th Anniversary ceremony which was under the theme, “Raising Transformational Leaders for the Growth and Development of the Church” was also attended by members from other sister churches.  

Rev Capt (GN) Paul Adjei Djan, Director of Religious Affairs of the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF) in a sermon bemoaned the current moral decadence in the country and said it behoved on the church to raise leaders who will bring transformation to the nation.

He charged the church universal to embrace itself and prepare for the greater work ahead since the time was perilous than before especially, at a time when the nation is battling with whether or not to accept LGBTQI+.

“For me, the church must let its voice be heard. LGBTQI+ poses a great challenge to the church, though I know none of us will succumb to it. If there was any time that the church had to intensify its outreach and discipleship ministry, it is now”, he reiterated.

According to him, though Christians seek and ask from God they do not find or receive because they do not offer sacrificial services and added that if Christians want to attract God’s favour and blessing then they must adopt sacrificial living.

Rev Capt (GN) Djan noted that the attitude of sacrifice has eluded Christians and citizens in general and called for the need to embrace the habit of sacrifice which was an utmost service to God so as to attract the blessings of God.

Mr Frederick Agyemang

Mr Frederick Agyemang, Western Regional Coordinating Director who represented the Regional Minister in a speech deemed the theme as appropriate after the Church Council realised that the current distribution of the Church’s membership and leadership was skewed towards the elderly, hence the need to nurture the youth to take up leadership positions.

He said this agenda could not have been set at any other time than this, especially, as there seems to be a general concern for fallen moral standards among the youth of today. 

He said equipping the young ones with effective Christian ministry was necessary to guarantee a better future for the Church and the nation as a whole whereas raising leaders for generational succession was therefore in line with the Lord and Master Jesus’ command to man on discipleship. 

“It is about believing and investing in people; a call to imbibing sound biblical principles into others in our quest to becoming good ambassadors of Christ. And interestingly, Jesus Christ himself demonstrated incredible confidence in the potential of people which allowed him to use them for higher purposes”, he stated.

Mr Agyemang underscored the need to have faith in the capability of the youth to deliver, entrusting them with responsibilities, and encouraging them to take charge of their lives. 

“My advice for you is that, if you are entrusted with a responsibility, it is because you can be trusted. You should therefore be resolved to prove yourselves deserving anytime there is the opportunity to serve. Remember, you are the labour God is looking to work with; may you never fail your generation”, he urged.

Very Rev Flying Officer Francis Lord Fynn who gave the Chaplain’s Status Report said the church has embraced the spirit of service to its community and giving meaningfully to its neighbours and the disadvantaged in its area of operation.

He said the church started the Berea Academy school in 2014 with eight (8) pupils but has now grown to be big with current enrolment as 412 made up of 211 boys and 207 girls spanning creche to the JHS 1.

He lamented that youth development in the current socio-economic situation in the country and in the Barracks particularly poses numerous challenges to the church and that it was prayerfully looking for ways to help and motivate them and give them the desired push to develop their social, creative, intellectual and musical talents to address most of the challenges they face.

He announced that one of the ways the church intends to put in place to whip up the interest of the youth in the church and those in its operational area was the music talent development program which will be handled by trained professional musicians who will be engaged by the church.

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