January 15, 2022

Wigasm Hair, a hair brand based in the United Kingdom, has signed Ghanaian Snapchat Influencer Priscilla Kwatemaa Andoh as a brand influencer.


The company established a Ghanaian branch in Weija, the capital of Ga South Municipal District, a district in Ghana’s Greater Accra Region.


In an exclusive interview, the hardworking influencer described how her journey began.


“I began selling clothes online because, as a fashion enthusiast, I enjoyed seeing people look good.”


“I realized I could definitely profit from the clothing industry. The business was booming in the beginning, until the Coronavirus pandemic brought everything to a halt”, he stated.


People were now inside, and getting dressed up was the last thing on anyone’s mind she told indicated.


People were now inside, and getting dressed up was the last thing on anyone’s mind. I barely sold anything and had to temporarily close down as time passed. I had a sizable social media following and decided to try my hand at online advertising.”


“Furthermore, in the aftermath of the pandemic, digitization became everything; as a result, business picked up almost immediately, and people patronized advertising packages. Along the way, I also steadily expanded my brand “She stated.


Although, like any other business, advertising had its ups and downs, particularly when small business owners refused to pay for my services after I had finished promoting their items. Others will phone you at random to have you run an ad for them without a schedule.


Some would say they gained attention, but people didn’t buy, and this was a difficulty for me at first, but as time went on, I became a pro, and everything became seamless as I ultimately developed my own system to help me run my business smoothly.


Kwatemaa , is one of the biggest Snapchat influencer’s Ghana has.

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