We must focus on the creative sector to maximise its benefits – Bawumia

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Dr Mahamudu Bawumia

The Vice President, Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia, has emphasized the urgent need for the country to prioritize the creative sector and unlock its immense potential.

He acknowledges that insufficient investment has limited the sector’s growth, despite the abundance of talented individuals like singer Asantewaa Aduonum, who is currently attempting to break the world record for the longest singing marathon by an individual.

During an interview with Citi News at the Akwaaba Village in Accra, where he showed his support for Aduonum, Dr. Bawumia stated, “What is clear to me is that talents exist. There is a massive amount of talent in the creative arts but I don’t think we invest sufficiently in the sector.

“I believe that the returns on the investment could be high for the country because we are looking at job creation, exchange earnings and so on. But I don’t think that we have done sufficient over the years and we have to pay attention to this sector,” he said.

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The Vice President further urged all Ghanaians to throw their weight behind the singer to ensure she breaks the record.

“What Afua is trying to do is to break a world record and it is not very easy to do. So on a day like this [Christmas day] when everybody is spending time with their families, It could be very lonely and I think that as Ghanaians we should give her all the support and encouragement we can.

“So I think we should give her all the support so I thought I should stop by here and let her know that Ghana is behind her and she should go ahead and break the record.”

“I have been following and I think that she is doing great. I think that Wednesday we will be back here by the grace [of God] and we will be back here to break the record,” he added.

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