Allow us to build La General hospital if you can’t – Group to govt

Allow, Us, To, Build, La, General, Hospital, You, Can’t, Group, Govt

A group identified as the Coalition of La Associations has called on the government to relinquish control of the La General Hospital land and allow them to construct the hospital themselves since the government has failed to fulfil its promises and meet deadlines.

The Coalition’s spokesperson, in an interview, accused the Minister of Health of inconsistency regarding the hospital’s construction.

He said, that his group has repeatedly written to the Health Minister regarding the hospital’s commencement but has been misled on multiple occasions.

He emphasized that it is time to inform the public about the Minister and the government’s lack of interest in rebuilding the hospital.

“Last year, my group came before the Minister of Health after we had written several letters to him and so we went to his office and we were told that the financier of the hospital had gone bankrupt. So I can tell you on authority that the minister and the government lied to the people of La and I think we will have to come out and explain to the public what has happened.”

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“All we want the government to do is to take its hands off the land and let us build our own hospital because the government has failed us and the biggest failure is the Greater Accra Regional Minister.”

The Coalition’s spokesperson further recalled the sod-cutting ceremony, stating that it is indicative of the government’s persistent lies.

“On the day of the sod-cutting in August 2020, the place was flooded with images and posters of the then-candidate Akufo-Addo and the parliamentary candidate, which raised our eyebrows. That’s when we began to realize that this may not be something they are doing to help the people of La after all, but rather for their own political gain. And that is exactly what has happened.”

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