Put students affected by Akosombo dam spillage in boarding schools – GNAT

Put, Students, Affected, Akosombo, Dam, Spillage, Boarding, Schools, GNAT

The Ghana National Association of Teachers (GNAT) is advocating for the immediate relocation of students whose education has been disrupted by the Akosombo Dam spillage to nearby boarding schools.

This call comes in response to the spillage, which has inundated numerous schools and homes, resulting in the displacement of these students.

The General Secretary of the association, Thomas Musah, speaking in an interview, emphasized that a delay might affect their education, as teaching and learning must not be halted.

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“We are in the age of artificial intelligence, but we don’t have those things here, and it will certainly have to be in person because we cannot deploy blended teaching and learning at this particular time. So in person will be the order of the day because we cannot use radio, because, with some of the concepts, you will have to demonstrate for them to see.”

“Television would have been the best option, but you cannot get it done at where they find themselves now, and so looking at all the variables that can help the children learn, the only way out is for them to be taken out of those areas and put in some kind of boarding house for as long as teaching and learning must go.”

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