#OccupyJulorbiHouse demo: Protesters mass up for Day 3

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Members of the political pressure group, Democracy Hub, have massed up at the 37 Trotro station on Saturday to embark on their third and final day of protest.

The group is protesting against the government’s mismanagement of the economy and the difficulties it has caused Ghanaians.

The police are also stationed at the 37 enclave in large numbers to ensure order. Some key celebrities have also joined the protest.

On the second day of the protest, protesters were barricaded by the police from marching to the Jubilee House. Some Ghanaian celebrities who joined the protest were spotted seated on the floor to register their displeasure.

49 members of the group, including a BBC reporter and his cameraman, were arrested, while Metro TV’s Bridget Otoo was also roughed up by the police on Thursday.

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The Democracy Hub group has been criticizing the governmenWater crisis to hit parts of Accra as Kpong Treatment Plant closes for repair workst and embarking on a series of demonstrations, demanding that the government put in place proper measures to alleviate the suffering of Ghanaians.

The Police Service met with some leaders of the Democracy Hub group on Friday to address concerns regarding the nature of their planned demonstration at the Jubilee House.

In a statement issued on Friday, the police said that the meeting was held in a cordial atmosphere and that the leaders of the group assured the police that they would hold a discussion with their members to come to a possible compromise as to the venue of the demonstration and revert to the police.

The leaders also assured the police that they would talk to their members to leave the streets while awaiting either a compromise decision between the police and the demonstrators on an alternative venue or the determination of the matter by the court.

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