Leaked tape: It’s sad attempts by senior police officers to destroy this country – Adam Bonaa

Leaked tape: It’s sad attempts by senior police officers

Security analyst, Dr. Adam Bonaa has said it is sad, the attempts by the senior Police Officers to destroy the country.

This comes on the back of Mr. Bugri Naabu informing Parliament’s seven member committee investigating the recorded interaction, how one Commander Asare contacted him to get the IGP out and put Commissioner Mensah in place in line with the NPP’s agenda to Break The 8.

He further stated he shared the tape recording with President Akufo-Addo so he can listen for himself.

Commenting on the Parliamentary hearing, the security analyst commended the Committee for asking questions the Ghanaians public will expect.

“Just that it is sad if we are going by today’s account alone. I will say that it is sad for senior officers will attempt to destroy the country in this manner. It is said so sad, I must confess,” Mr. Bonaa added.

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Meanwhile, Mr. Bugri Naabu has also indicated that three members of the Police Council he consulted rejected the allegations made against the IGP by some senior officers who came to him.

“I called some members of the police council, about three of them, about what they have said about the IGP, and they all said it is not true, so I decided to let the President know about.”

“I was also surprised someone who was going on retirement wanted to be IGP. So I told him that the leadership is by God, so he should go and see the chief Imam or Asantehene, so they can pray for him,” Bugri Naabu told a parliamentary committee probing the leaked the tape in which some police officers were heard plotting the removal of the IGP.

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