Prof, Gyampo, Elected, UTAG, UG, President

Professor Ransford Edward Gyampo

A Professor of Political Science at the University of Ghana, Professor Ransford Edward Gyampo has been elected as President of the University Teachers Association of Ghana (UTAG), University of Ghana branch.

The astute and renowned scholar garnered 93.3 percent of the total votes cast in the election held on Thursday, 15th August 2023.

The former Director of the Centre for European Studies at the University of Ghana climbs the UTAG-UG Chapter hierarchy as President after serving as the immediate past General Secretary.

Reacting to what he describes as an honor bestowed upon him by members of the association, Prof. Gyampo expressed his heartfelt appreciation to his colleague lecturers for believing in him and thanked his students for their support for his course as well as all well-wishers.

He said, “I have just won my election as President of UTAG (UG) with 93.3 percent of the total valid votes cast. Thanks to you all for the well wishes; thanks to all my colleague lecturers for the confidence they have shown in me, and thanks to my students who were relentless in their support for me.”

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He further reiterated his commitment to represent the best interest of his colleagues and forcefully and proactively seek their welfare on all fronts. He added that he will relentlessly continue from where he left off as General Secretary.

The Professor who is very vocal on national issues stressed that although he lost some friends in the course of the discharge of his duties in his former position, it won’t deter him from doing the needful to champion the interest of UTAG in his new position.

“In the driving seat myself, I’ll champion the interest of my people forcefully and proactively. I lost some friends as General Secretary and I do not mind losing more as I fight harder for the University Teacher in my capacity as President,” the newly elected UTAG-UG President insisted.

He added that, “it won’t be out of malice or hatred for any regime. It would be just for the advancement of the interest of my people.”

Finally, Prof Gyampo warned that, the new UTAG team to be headed by him, would not like to fight and would not hate to fight, stressing that “the caliber of people who now constitute the entire executives are no-nonsense people, such that, when we are pushed to fight, it would be militant, damn the consequences, and we won’t listen to anyone.”


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