We won’t allow soldiers sent to ‘slaughter house’ in Niger – Okudzeto

We, Allow, Soldiers, Sent, Slaughter, House, Niger, Okudzeto

Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa

The minority spokesperson on Foreign Affairs, Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa has stated that the Minority caucus in Parliament will not support Ghanaian soldiers to be sent on any mission to Niger.

This follows the Authority of Heads of State and Governments of Economic Community of West Africa State (ECOWAS) as part of a decision at its meeting held in Abuja to deploy a standby force to Niger.

The military juntas in Burkina Faso and Mali have said any forcible attempt to restore President Mohamed Bazoum in neighbouring Niger will be seen as a declaration of war on them.

This follows a threat from a regional bloc that it would “take all measures” if the president was not reinstated.

The North Tongu lawmaker, speaking in an interview, described the move to send soldiers to Niger as “reckless.”

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“That is why our caucus last week issued a statement that diplomacy should be pursued. It makes common sense to use constructive dialogue, that is what should be pursued. This bravado, this reckless deployment, is just going to lead to a bloodbath.”

“Look at Article 40 of our Constitution says in any dealing with other nations, our government shall protect the interest of Ghana. Is it in the interest of the soldiers?” Mr. Okudzeto asked.

He stated that the Constitution of Ghana has stated that with such situations in Niger, the nation should always seek peaceful means in resolving the situation.

“We will not support the deployment of our troops. We don’t think that Ghanaian soldiers should be sent to the slaughterhouse in this mix mash of configuration.”

“This is a matter that requires a certain bipartisan approach. It is not a matter that you will rash. As we speak, we are under the worst economic condition in living memory. Are we going to send our troops in the state of this economy without proper protection, proper logistics, proper material, proper equipment, proper ammunition,” the lawmaker asked?

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