2024 polls: NPP will struggle to convince Ghanaians over economic crisis – Pianim

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Kwame Pianim

Renowned Ghanaian economist, Kwame Pianim, has predicted that the New Patriotic Party (NPP) will face significant challenges during the campaign for the 2024 general elections due to the current economic difficulties in the country.

Pianim emphasized the daunting task that the NPP will have to overcome in order to secure victory in 2024, as Ghanaians are likely to experience severe economic hardships during that time.

He anticipates that the NPP will struggle to convince voters to support them and break the eight-year cycle of governance, advising the government to be cautious and deliberate in its actions.

Mr. Pianim, answering a question on if the NPP would have a smooth campaign process after failing to fulfil some of its promises to revive the economy, responded, “No, it’s going to be difficult in 2024. And this is why l applaud the young people who are brave enough and are prepared to take on this challenge and sacrifice for the nation.”

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“It’s going to be difficult to get the economy back, and to make sure we put in place processes that make it difficult to go back to where we are. Madness will be defined as repeating the same processes and expecting to get the same results. If we don’t change drastically how we develop and as the Romans will say make haste slowly, we have to cut our coats according to our clothes”.

The renowned economist further opined that procurement agencies as well as value-for-money audits be scrapped, arguing that such agencies give room for people to engage in corruption.

“We have to make sure the monies we get, we will get value for money. And that all the procurement agencies, value for money audit, we scrap all of them. Because they provide avenues for people to just take monies, and we need to get it off, incompetence and corruption, those two are important. The management of the economy is not too difficult if there’s no corruption,” Kwame Pianim suggested.

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