No NPP flagbearer hopeful is being favoured over the other – Addai-Nimoh

No, NPP, Flagbearer, Hopeful, Is, Being, Favoured, Over, The, Other, Addai, Nimoh

Francis Addai Nimoh

A flagbearer hopeful of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Francis Addai Nimoh, has refuted claims that some candidates are being favored over others.

“So far, the ground rules that have been set by the national council and are being implemented through the office of the general secretary have been smooth and do not favor anyone,” he added.

Mr. Addai-Nimoh said this when he responded to the claims in an interview after his vetting in Accra on Thursday.

“Let’s see this contest as a free contest. It is not a contest for any two or three personalities but for all 10. And for all 10, the first stage is to make it to the top five. Once you are part of the first five, then we are set to go for the contest,” he added.

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Mr. Addai-Nimoh said it is up to the candidate to strategize accordingly to win the votes of delegates, and that it is not up to the party to decide who wins what. Therefore, none of the candidates is being favoured, but is undergoing due processes as established by the party.

“The party structure will not tell you how to campaign, how to secure your votes. That is a strategy for every individual candidate. So, unless there are clear-cut issues that favour one person, which I have not seen,” he said.

“But if there are any issues after this vetting stage, which I am the last person to be vetted today, I am sure hopefully by next week the report from the presidential vetting committee will be out to indicate those who have qualified or not,” he stated.

The NPP wrapped up the vetting of all 10 flagbearer hopefuls with former Member of Parliament for Mampong, Francis Addai-Nimoh.

The vetting, which is a critical part of the processes leading to the election of a presidential candidate for the 2024 elections, began on July 3 and ended without the incidence of chaos that characterized the filing of nomination forms.

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