Lifeless newborn baby abandoned near Tesano Cluster of Schools’ refuse dump

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A lifeless newborn baby has been discovered inside a box near a gutter at the dumping site near Tesano Cluster of Schools in Accra.

The discovery was made by pupils from the school who had gone to the site to relieve themselves.

Upon receiving the report, the police promptly visited the scene and took possession of the baby.

As at the time of filling thus report, it was confirmed that the police had taken possession of the dead baby.

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An eyewitness, Joe Smith, in an interview, expressed deep concern over the incident.

He mentioned that the box containing the baby had the name “Linda” written on it, adding to the unsettling nature of the discovery.

“One of the boys here informed us that there was a baby here, and we investigated and realized the baby was not crying and found out that it was lifeless. It is very worrying that someone will bring a baby and just put it in front of our doorstep like that.”

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