2024 elections: We’ll go to EC strongroom with our own tea and biscuit – Mahama

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John Dramani Mahama

Aspiring 2024 Presidential candidate of the opposition National Democratic Congress, (NDC) John Dramani Mahama says party agents who will be sent to the National Collation Center otherwise known as “strongroom” of Electoral Commission (EC) will go in with their own tea and buy their own biscuits.

In the 2020 Presidential election petition filed by NDC’s Presidential candidate John Dramani Mahama at the Supreme Court, Rojo Mettle- Nunoo and Dr. Kpessah Whyte who were representatives of the party at the collation Center were blamed for dereliction of duty.

This was after the duo accused the Electoral Commission boss Jane Mensah of ‘tricking’ them to leave the premises to go and see Mr Mahama after which she announced the results on their blind side.

In one of the instances of cross-examination by Justin Amenuvor, the lead counsel of the Electoral Commission (EC), the former Deputy Health Minister Rojo Mettle- Nunoo said “I was offered tea, I wasn’t offered any biscuit” while he waited for the Electoral Commissioner for clarity on some anomaly observed in some of the results.

The Supreme Court stated in its verdict that Rojo Mettle -Nuno and Dr. Kpessah Whyte both second and third witnesses respectively for the petitioner John Mahama should rather blame themselves for leaving the National Collation Centre, that, they did not do their job of strict observation of the collation process therefore must accept the consequences.

Addressing delegates of the NDC at Ashaley Botwe in Greater Accra Region, on Tuesday as part of a nationwide campaign tour ahead of the NDC’s Presidential Primaries, John Mahama said the party is going to be extra vigilant in 2024 election adding (on a lighter note) that, the party’s representatives at the strongroom will be provided their own tea and biscuits.

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“We are not going to sleep. We are going to match them at the collation centers. We will be in the collation centers until the last ballot is accounted for. Not only that, but we are going to match them in the EC’s strongroom. This time we don’t want tea, we don’t want biscuit. Those we select to go to the strongroom we will give them our own tea, and we will buy them digestive Biscuits to go to the strongroom”.

Mr. Mahama strongly stated that packing EC with activists of the ruling New Patriotic Party will not deter the NDC’s resolve to police the election results.

“Because they are afraid of losing the 2024 election, they have started putting NPP activists as members of the Electoral Commission so that they can control the referee but when I say it is a Do-or-Die affair it means that it is a critical election whether they put NPP chairman on the electoral commission we shall match them boot for boot. We are going to match them at the polling stations we don’t Wana cheat anybody, but we don’t want anybody to cheat us. So, we are going to mark them at the polling station and make sure that no extra ballot papers come from somewhere into that ballot box”.

Mr. Mahama charged branch and constituency executives of the NDC to actively get involved in the electoral processes in their respective polling stations and be very vigilant.

“Elections are won or lost at the polling stations, and in all your branches you have polling station. Vigilance at the polling stations is going to be in your custody. Campaigning in the polling station is going to be in your care, and so we are going to rely on you to make sure that the election in your polling station is going to be free, fair and transparent. And we are putting in a robust system to be able to transmit our results, and you are the branch and constituency executives are going to be involved. It is a new system, we will come and explain it to you”

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