You’ll be punished if you participate in illegal strike – TOR MD warns workers

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The Managing Director of the Tema Oil Refinery (TOR), Jerry K. Hinson, has described attempts by some workers of the company to embark on industrial action as unlawful.

In a letter to the workers, Mr. Hinson warned that any worker who participate in the illegal strike action or picketing will be dealt with according to the laws.

The General Transport Petroleum Chemical Workers Union (GTPCWU) on Tuesday, April 18 announced their intention to embark on a series of actions in support of their call for the revamping of TOR.

At a press conference at the forecourt of TOR, Mr. Bernard Owusu, National Chairman of GTPCWU, said the industrial action would precede the May Day celebrations.

He added that the workers plan to picket at the Jubilee House, the Ministry of Energy, and other strategic locations after meetings with management and government officials yielded no result.

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“At a time of ongoing financial distress and debt restructuring program, significant benefits of this magnitude in an essential commodity such as petroleum products should be top on the national agenda. Unless the managers of the country have no confidence in those, they have appointed to manage the TOR facility. The state is responsible for and determines those who constitute the Board of Directors and the MD of TOR. Therefore, all past and current operational anomalies and challenges must be borne by the appointing authority of these key critical office holders, knowing very well that all operational controls are a function of management.”

But in a letter to the workers, the TOR MD reminded workers that various procedures to address their challenges and grievances have not been exhausted, hence any attempt to embark on industrial action is unlawful and a breach of the Labour Act.

“Kindly be aware of the illegality of any such actions under clauses 168- 1 71 of the Labour Act and the consequences thereunder for participants/staff involved. Please be aware of section 171 in particular which emphasises the term “picketing” which is only lawful in furtherance of a lawful strike/industrial action.”

“Kindly be advised finally that participation of staff in any illegal action or picketing or indeed any act that purports to disrupt the activities of the Company or possibly undermine the authority of the Shareholder will be subjected to the prescribed ramifications under the relevant laws.”

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