Tulewewura Amonebafe Borenyi I named as new Yagbonwura

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Tulewewura Amonebafe Borenyi I

Tulewewura Amonebafe Borenyi I has been named as the next Yagbonwura. This announcement was made by the Kingmakers of Gonja on Monday, February 27, 2023.

Amonebafe will succeed the late overlord of Gonja traditional area, Sulemana Tuntunba Boressah Jakpa I who died on 5th February 2023.

Report has it that on Monday, 27th February 2023, at the Japka Palace, the Kingmakers of Gonja went into conclave and pursuant to the traditions and customs of the Gonja, announced the selection of the Paramount Chief of the Tulewe traditional area, Tulewewura Amonebafe Borenyi I as the next Overlord of Gonja.

This announcement comes after the funeral rites of the late King of the Gonja, Yagbonwura Tuntumba Boresa Jakpa II was performed.

The announcement was made by the Acting Head of State of the Gonja Kingdom Sonyowura Adamu Kanyiti I.

The kingdom received this announcement with lots of excitement and jubilation from all the Chiefs, youth and the public across Gonjaland.

According to the Gonjaland Youth Association, they are highly excited about the announcement and commend the Kingmakers under the leadership of Sonyowura Kanyiti I for upholding the culture and tradition of Gonja and indeed.

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The group added that the selection of the next king demonstrates the strength of the kingdom to ensure peace and development in Gonjaland.

Mohammed Amin Osman, the President of the Gonjaland Youth Association said he is hopeful the coronation of Amonebafe will be done in less than two months.

About the new Yagbonwura

The next King of Gonja, Tuluwewura Soale Mbema Amonibaafe Borenyi I was first enskinned as Jakpaseriwura from where he moved to the Timanklan-wura skin to Kachinako-wura and finally got to the Bunda skin in 2011 (The Bunda skin is the entry gate to Tuluwe Skin).

The Yagbonwura- elect will perform the twelfth (12th) day funeral rites of the late Yagbonwura Tuntumba Boresa (I) and then choose a day suitable to him for his enskinment at Nyange in the Sawla-Tuna-Kalba District.

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