Jean Mensa’s invitation came in late; she didn’t disrespect Parliament– EC

Jean, Mensa, Invitation, Parliament, EC, Came Late, Disrespect, She

Jean Mensa

The Electoral Commission has disregarged reports that the Chairperson of the commission, Jean Mensa, disrespected Parliament by dishonouring an invitation from the House.

The EC in a statement disclosed that the letter inviting the Chairperson to brief Parliament on the draft CI on the registration of voters was received a day prior to the scheduled briefing, when Jean Mensa was already out of the jurisdiction.

“The Commission, especially its Chairperson, understands the importance of the institution of Parliament, having worked with Parliament for two decades prior to her appointment as Chairperson of the EC. The Chairperson upholds the institution of Parliament and will therefore not disrespect it in any way.”

“The fact remains that the invitation from Parliament was sent a day before the meeting, at a time when the Chairperson was out of the jurisdiction. Had she been aware of the request prior to her travel, she certainly would have prioritized the meeting and attended upon the Honourable House.”

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The EC added that the Chairperson, Jean Mensa, is yet to return to Ghana, contrary to reports that she had returned from her trip to Nigeria.


Below is the Press release from EC

Jean, Mensa, Invitation, Parliament, EC, Came Late, Disrespect, She

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