Govt,Organised Labour Base Pay End Inconclusively for the 7th time



A meeting between Organized Labour and government over the demand for a 60% increment in base pay on the single spine salary structure has ended inconclusively for the seventh time.

This is a result of the failure of both parties to reach a consensus on the proposed percentage.

Organized Labour explains that the demand for a 60% increase is due to harsh economic conditions.

The Deputy Minister for Employment and Labour Relations, Bright Wereko-Brobby, in a media briefing, explained that, “since the beginning of the year, this has been our first meeting, and so we recapped what we have been doing. We have both decided to come tomorrow Wednesday, January 11, 2023, to conclude our negotiations. We are working very fast. Tomorrow God willing, we will share any information that will come up”.

Asked if government will pay arrears, Mr. Wereko-Brobby assured that “anytime we conclude, government will do the needful”.

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