Meek Mill Remove Jubilee House Music Video


Meek Mill, an American rapper, has taken down a music video he shot at the Jubilee House from his Instagram account.

The rapper released the video on Sunday night, but according to many checks by on Monday morning, it is no longer accessible on his profile.

The removal follows massive public protests regarding the cited video from a segment of Ghanaians.

In the video, the singer and his band could be seen dancing to his most recent composition while jokingly strolling through Jubilee House.

Meek and his friends entered the Jubilee House from the visitor’s hall to various spots inside the structure, including the front of the building, for their photo shoot.

However, this has not been favourably received by all Ghanaians.

Given that it was filmed at the presidential residence without any reference to the connotations of the location, the opponents claim that the video is an insult to the reputation of the nation.

Hundreds of Ghanaians have criticized the usage of the Jubilee House, which represents the nation’s executive power, for foreigners to film a music video in a series of widely shared social media posts.

On Sunday night, Meek Mill shared the video in an effort to engage his followers.

However, he encountered hostility from some members of the populace.

Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa, a North Tongu MP, believes those responsible for allowing American rapper Meek Mill to film a music video at the Jubilee House must be fired right away.

The congressman claims that the video and its material represent a “despicable degradation” of the Jubilee House.meek

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