Gyasehene of Apinto Divisional Council Demands Wassa Fiase Share of National Cake


Gyasehene of Apinto Divisional Council, Nana Dr. Adarkwa Bediako III at a Gold Field scholarship event has expressed displeasure with the rate of development in Wassa Fiase.

According to the learned traditional leader, the seeming silence by government to the plight of the people of Wassa Fiase is worrying as government seems to have neglected Wassa Fiase in its developmental drive.

This he explains that Tarkwa and its associating communities, contribute a whopping 5 percent to the nation’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP), sadly the community is left behind in terms of development.

“Our land has been bleeding for too long but no tangible benefit can be seen as we speak now, 5 percent of the nation’s Gross Domestic Product comes from Tarkwa and it environs but there is no government scholarship for people in mining communities, there is no government funds for the development of roads in mining communities but we are contributing every year to the GDP of this country for the development of the nation, it is sad” he fumes

Flowing from government neglect of Wassa Fiase Nana Dr. Adarkwa Bediako III quiz government for Wassa Fiase fair share of the national cake.

“Ever since mechanized mining started in Tarkwa, we have been feeding Ghana for all this years yet we have nothing to show for, it is a shame and we want leaders to understand that we can not continue to provide our land and resource to the development of the nation without developing our communities…where is our share of the national cake” he asked

He however commended Goldfield for their Corporate Social Responsibility as he describes as a timely intervention.


Source: Stephen Cudjoe

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