Three Persons In Connection With Kasoa Mobile Money Robbery Arrested One At Large

Three of Four persons involved in a mobile money robbery at Kasoa, on December 20, 2022 have been arrested with the fourth suspect still on the run.

Michael Otu, alias Rider, and Asaa Faisal alias Commander, who has been described by the other suspects as the mastermind behind the robbery were arraigned before Ofankor District Court and remanded accordingly.

However the third accused personGodfred Okine, complained of ill health and was rushed to the hospital but died while receiving medical attention. His body has been deposited at the Police Hospital morgue for preservation and autopsy.

Prosecuting team presenting facts of the case to the court revealed that a Police intelligence operations led to the hide out of the accused person.

Upon reaching the hide out of the accused a loaded pump action gun believed to have been used for the robbery operation was retrieved.

Police prosecuting team indicated that an initial investigation into the demise of the 3rd accused, Godfred Okine by the Police Professional Standards Bureau (PPSB) established that the deceased suspect was handled professionally by the officers from the time he was arrested until his passing. The PPSB has also made contact with the family of the deceased suspect as part of its investigation.

They added that, efforts are underway to apprehend the other suspect who is on the run.

The case as since been adjourned to January 12, 2023. Cudjoe

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