Economic hardship: We can’t buy ‘Weed’ due to its high price – Weed smokers’ cry

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We can't buy ‘Weed’ due to its high price

Weed smokers in the Ashanti Region have expressed their dissatisfaction of recent increment of the prices of weed.

According to them substance was previously sold at 25 to 35 but now the prices have been increased to 30 to 50 cedis.

They disclosed that, they have to buy Matches, paper and razer after which they have to filter it and by the time they finish, the substance would have finished.

“At first you only need to take one roll and you will become high and better but now if you even take 10 rolls, you will not feel anything,” they said.

The weed smokers attributed the increase of marijuana prices of the narcotic substance to the cedis depreciation, adding that most of the substance are import from the neighbouring countries. and called on the government address the challenge.

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He explained that, the substance gives them the energy and power to work, adding that they cannot work properly without the substance.

“Most of the Big people in society are doing well because of marijuana, it enables us to think properly, it boosts our morale, strength and energy.”

They therefore called on the government to as a matter of urgency to do address the dollar to cedi challenge.

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